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Customer service is always a top priority for any industry. Logistics is no exception. Customer of service in logistics is a matter of great interest to many people. When the rate of customers reusing logistics services increases, it is a success for enterprises in the field of customer care.

1. Customer service in logistics

Customer of service in logistics is additional service activities provided when customers use . Act as a value-added, providing more value than the core service that customers need. It results in maximum customer satisfaction.

Businesses today provide services to customers in addition to using products. Customer of service in logistics, handling orders, making documents, doing customs procedures, processing orders, and handling complaints.

Customer service in Logistics
Customer of service in Logistics

2. Critical factors in customer of service

Many factors affect service. Businesses can apply factors to increase business efficiency:

A. Time

It is a precious factor in creating customer satisfaction in logistics and any industry. The shorter the time the customer receives the product, the better the customer will rate it and feel satisfied.

B. Reliability

Customers will feel more secure when using services from a reputable brand. The more reputable the brand, the higher the reliability, and the better the customer of service can meet customer needs. Therefore, reliability is one of the critical factors of service.

C. Costs

The competitive factor in the market among businesses today is cost. Customers always want cheap, good products suitable for their needs and pocket. If you offer the same or higher quality item at a lower price, you will have the advantage of attracting customers.

D. Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to be flexible about the service or product provided according to the customer’s needs. Customers always want businesses to be able to solve their problems. Therefore, always customize the product to be able to fit all the needs of customers.

3. What activities does customer service in logistics include?

A. Supply Chain Management

The job of supply chain management in  service is that customers only need to deliver goods, and businesses will help customers design a good supply chain. Includes steps:

– Receive requests from customers

– Planning the packing of goods and shipping

– Delivery and invoice collection

Doing these jobs quickly, accurately, and responsibly helps to create trust between customers and businesses. Create detailed, reliable workflows. Besides, managing customer information closely is necessary to ensure work efficiency.

B. Warehousing and distribution services

We provide freight forwarding services, checking goods, loading and unloading, loading goods, handling damaged goods, and labeling goods.

C. Warehousing Service

Developing a cross-docking system hosting service is necessary to create professional, systematic, and organized customer service. It helps to reduce storage costs and improve business efficiency.

4. Other services

Some services businesses can provide to customers, such as customs clearance, cargo insurance procedures, advice and guidance on the transportation process, and import and export of goods.

Customer service in Logistics
Customer of service in Logistics

4. Customer service benefits

In any industry or business field, customer of service brings certain benefits. Businesses with good service will have benefits such as:

A. Customer loyalty

Besides finding new customers, retaining old customers is also a problem that needs to be posed for every business. Customers will return if they feel your service is awesome and valuable.

B. Increase competitive efficiency

Customers choose and decide to use the company’s products depending on the service and after-sales policy the business provides. Companies with good service and many preferential policies will retain customers. It is an effective tool for contesting in the market.

C. Increase the revenue

Good customer service is an opportunity to get more new clients and keep old customers. Since then, business activities have been expanded, revenue has increased.

From the above, it shows that in Logistics deserves attention. There is no better solution than providing good service. Drive the appropriate application and provide outstanding service to satisfy your customers and keep producing to use your product.


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